3 Tips for Marketing Success This Financial Year

The new financial year presents an opportunity for Perth business owners to clarify their marketing strategy and sharpen their message.

It’s important to take time at the beginning of the financial year to get clear on business goals and align marketing activities to achieve these goals.

Business owners, who do not plan their marketing, miss out on potential customers and chase after marketing ideas that do not serve them.

Some of the most common marketing planning pitfalls include no-big-picture strategic goals, no marketing budget and no commitment to the plan for a specific time.

If business owners fail to plan, they can easily become frustrated about marketing that’s not delivering the desired results. They then conclude that marketing isn’t working and it’s a waste of money.

Marketing does work when it’s done consistently and with a firm plan in place. Successful marketing comes down to three simple things:


1. Your Goals

Determine your business goals and write down specific marketing goals to achieve the business objectives.
Start with a single marketing goal for a specific period and once it has been successfully implemented, tested and measured, set additional goals.

Effective marketing takes time. Set short term milestones to keep everyone on track.

2. Marketing Planning

Marketing planning easily falls by the wayside when business is booming. It’s only once the phones stop ringing that many business owners think about marketing.

Give yourself a competitive edge by planning ahead this financial year.

Invest a few hours to create a simple marketing plan and schedule marketing activities in a calendar for six months or at least a quarter in advance. Don’t deviate from the plan.

Assign a responsible person in your company for each task or outsource your marketing activities to maintain marketing momentum and increase long term success.

3. Consistency

Most business owners don’t have someone to keep them on track when they get busy and that’s when marketing activities are put on hold.

Marketing and branding takes time and patience. Only make changes to the marketing plan after marketing campaigns have been recorded, tested and measured for at least a quarter.

Steer the marketing ship through all the seasons of your business year, no matter what you encounter and resist the temptation to go off course or get distracted when you are busy.

Alicia Menkveld is the founder of Radical Consulting, an advisory for small and medium businesses. She specialises in helping business owners get clear about their identity, goals and key messages t o implement effective client attraction strategies which will help their business grow.

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