8 Personal Branding Tips YOU need after Attending a Seminar

Everyone attends some form of seminars or a conference on a regular basis. Usually, it is part of work, during or after business hours and many attend because they have to. Some staff or business owners would attend because they feel they will meet some like minded people / ‘prospects’ at the event, but some have a genuine interest in the subject and are keen to hear what the speaker has to say.

Whatever the reason, most if not all, will come back to work the next day and get ‘buried’ into work.

However, if you spare a few minutes after the event, doing a few things like I have suggested below, it will help you build your personal brand, create more conversations and help in developing more leads, income and credibility.
Firstly, Do you agree with everything you have heard at the seminar?

Feel free to agree or disagree but ensure you write a short article about it. Feel free to make it controversial if you like.

Why not?

The article can be 350-400 words and in your own style. It DOESN’T have to be the journalist standards.

- What do you do with the article?

- Send it to your local Media as a press release?

- Well, if they don’t publish, then do it yourself on your blog.

- Hold up your camera and record yourself share your opinion and publish a Vlog. Contact us if you need help.

- Share the blog / Vlog link on your Social Media. It will have a great reach and can go viral.

- Call a Team meeting and possibly share the information with your colleagues and bosses who couldn’t attend. Either way, it will be a good form of group discussion and team building exercise for a Friday afternoon.

- Get a few selected clients to get together and share your views with them. Don’t let your marketing budget hold you back. Most people are happy to buy their own coffee and cake. They want to hear about the topic from YOU.

- Don’t you think it would set you up as a leader if you presented this topic at a Networking Event?

This is perfect ‘Content Marketing’ Material that could be used instead of display advertising. I know many who respond to reading an article that gives them tips and shares information rather than having an ad that says contact me for a discount or free consultation.

Hope the above helps. As you can imagine, its all about having a strategy in place. Contact me to assist with your strategy and if you are looking at ‘content marketing’ to small to medium sized businesses, contact Nifnex. Ideal avenue to promote your expertise and build your personal branding. Happy to present and share more ideas with your team.

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