A NEW WORLD – of Values-based Leadership

Luke Fernandez

As the Mayan calendar’s ‘end’ is upon us, there are all indications that the world as we know it, will end. I’ve seen it in my professional life, I’ve seen it in the connections I have been making and the forces that are shaping our world, from the Arab Spring to the empowerment of societies through social media. Perhaps you’ve seen it too? I am not talking here of a doomsday event to end all days but a shift in consciousness, the beginning of a new era.

Maya societies were acutely aware of the cyclical nature of the world: the observable world, the nature of emotion and endless cycles of birth, death and re-birth that they incorporated into ritual and ceremony. Having such a central conceptual view of time as a cyclical phenomena, it hardly seems plausible that they would have conceptualised an end of days – rather an end to an era.

And a new world is upon us.

The shift in universal consciousness is represented in moving from ‘I’ to ‘we’, embracing the commonalties we all share as one humanity, those things that we all desire and value in order to thrive and prosper, in our lifetimes and over all our future generations to come.  As a human race we are moving forward, maturing and becoming more conscious, psychologically, emotionally and ethically.

Business, as a function of society, is also embracing this shift.  Embracing the notion that it is a function of society and that society is a function of the environment.  Business can no longer sustainably function in a space where society is exploited for business ends. And if the environment continues to be exploited for society to function, all is lost.

In many respects our leaders have let us down. Many of our CEOs have put self-interest and corporate bottom lines ahead of the common-good. Many of our politicians are stuck in the paradigm of gamesmanship, at the expense of leadership. Globalisation has driven global issues outside the national decision-making structures that attempt to deal with them, and self-interest prevents truly global solutions from materialising.

There is a new mantra of organisational performance, Conscious Capitalism, where who you are and what you stand for is the new frontier of competitive advantage. The culture of an organisation is a reflection of its leadership consciousness.

How do we transcend old paradigms into new paradigms of leadership? …. To be continued in Part 2 of ‘A New World- of Values-based Leadership’.


By Luke Fernandez

Luke Fernandez is a management consultant in organisational transformation through values-based leadership. Contact valuedleadership@gmail.com

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