Awaken Your Personal Brand

Doing business in Perth has changed in many ways. The changes are subtle yet significant.

2012 has seen many business owners finally accept Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Some actually went on to adopting a website and a blog. These seem to be trivial changes to some but the market has almost forced them to. There are others who are doing really well without any of the above.

Do you see where I am getting at?

Nifnex Wins Best Marketing 2012 Award


‘Personal branding’ also known as ‘Professional Reputation’ is one of the reasons why they could do what they are doing without the help of social media or online presence.

For those of us who are new entrants to the market or establishing their own brand or wanting to project our voice to a large audience, we need to leverage our ‘personal brand’ with the tools that are available to us.

We register our company domain names ( but fail to register our name (

You might wonder what is your own website going to say. I love helping people with that.

My business wish for 2013 is just that. To help people establish their own brand. It is irrelevant whether you run your own business or work for others. You are your own Chief Marketing Officer ‘CMO’ of your own brand – YOU.

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Zeeshan Pasha


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