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Perth Business Landscape Questionnaire

Perth’s business landscape is changing and we need the ability to not only do things better but also perfect the art of doing things differently. Loading…


Do your customers owe you money?

When you provide a service/product to a customer, you obviously expect to get paid. What happens when you don’t? What happens when you get the run around or no response


Get ready to take your business to the cloud

Christmas is coming! What homework does Your Business need to do to get ready for the cloud? By Nick Shmakov; Res-Q IT         Office 365, Exchange Online,

Article Interview

Interview With John Assaraf

The Neuroscience of Business Success by John Assaraf Zeeshan Pasha interviews the Star of ‘The Secret’ & Author of 2 New York Times Best Selling Books   Why is it


Business Networking Events in Perth

Are you looking for business networking opportunities in Perth? Nifnex hosts a number of business networking events in Perth and we also work with a number of business dissociations, chambers


NifnexTV – Business Challenges Addressed By A Panel of Experts

Panel Discussions addressing Small Business Challenges   Zeeshan Pasha hosts a series of  Small Business TV episodes with a panel of three subject matter experts. Informal discussion that will address


Interviews with Perth Businesses

Interviews based around Inspiration, Positivity & Knowledge, find out what makes these businesses unique and differentiates them from the competition. If you want us to interview you and highlight your


What does your website look like on a mobile device?

Is your business prepared for the MOBILE revolution? Did you know that 90%1 of smartphone users search for local information on their mobile device? As a local business owner that

Business Resources July 2014 Youtube

Overall Image, Presentation & Content When Submitting A Proposal or Tender

First impression is a lasting impression. When submitting a proposal to a prospective client or a tender, a number of factors need to be considered. Overall image of a business

Business Resources July 2014

Is Your Team ‘Constipated?’

Today, people management is not an option. Managing the team can be an illusion of control. Trying to ‘manage people’ is dealing with the effect not the cause. The cause