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Business Resources July 2014

Four Ways to Boost Your Elevator Speech For Better Networking

“It isn’t just what you know, and it isn’t just who you know. It’s also WHO KNOWS YOU and knows what you do.” Networking is hands down the best way

Business Resources July 2014 Youtube

How You Can Revive Yourself & Your Business When You Are Almost Ready To Give Up?

Running a business has many challenges and it can take a toll on the business owner and their families. Thoughts of giving up on their venture is a common occurrence,

Business Resources July 2014

The Courage To Fly This Financial Year

Imagine fearlessly launching programs and reaching your dream clients with ease, doing business the way you love to do it, having freedom to live life your way, taking action and

Business Resources July 2014

Industry Update: Property Council Survey Findings Hight the Need for Flexibility and Foresight

By Jamie Vine, CEO and Founder, Liberty Executive Offices The Property Council of Australia recently surveyed office tenants across a broad range of businesses to understand the sentiments of tenants

Business Resources July 2014 Youtube

Social Media & Digital Advertising Myths. Facebook Vs. LinkedIn Vs. Google Ads

      We live in a digital age with clutter and there are misconceptions of social media advertising. Each platform has its benefits to target various segments of one’s

Business Resources July 2014

First Home Owner Changes

3RD July 2014 Zeeshan Pasha of Nifnex interviews Doc Casely (Certified Practicing Conveyancer) o f  Thane Conveyancing. ZP: What are the changes that came into effect on 3 July 2014?

Business Resources July 2014

The New Financial Year is Here… Will It Be Different To Last!

The buzz catch phrase in financial circles over the last few months is the term “Business Financial Planning”. The truth is that the better advice businesses have been giving advice

Business Resources July 2014 Youtube

How Can You Manage Your Digital Clutter, Email & Newsletter Marketing Better?

Digital Newsletters can be annoying yet they are an important communication tool. How can SMEs handle receiving emails & newsletters, and also on the flip side manage their own newsletters

Business Resources July 2014

Are You Losing Intellectual Property Each Time A Staff Member Leaves?

A business owner needs to consider many aspects and ensure there is minimal intellectual property that leaves the business with the staff when they move to a competitor’s organization or


Small Business Scams

Scammers Continue to Target Small Businesses Scammers don’t only target consumers – they target small businesses too.  Scams can reach any business, regardless of its size, age, location or industry