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The Unrecognised Value of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The rate of entrepreneurship in Australia is second in the world with one in every 10 Australian adults starting up their own business last year, and in current economic conditions,


A New World – of Values-based Leadership – Part 2

  How we transcend old paradigms into new paradigms of values-based leadership is the 64 million dollar question. If we are going to be able to address the many challenges


A NEW WORLD – of Values-based Leadership

As the Mayan calendar’s ‘end’ is upon us, there are all indications that the world as we know it, will end. I’ve seen it in my professional life, I’ve seen

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Nifnex Dec / Jan 2013 Edition

Click on the article to read or scroll below to view pdf New Year resolutions by Brendan Mills Top 3 recommendations for your 2013 Business Plan Small businesses: Have your

Article Business Articles Jan 2013

Small businesses: Have your say on new Industrial Relations laws

The Small Business Development Corporation is encouraging small business operators and other interested parties to submit comments to a draft bill, which aims to reform the Western Australian industrial relations

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New Year Resolutions by Brendan Mills; CFO Dynamics

  Most people set New Year resolutions and don’t follow them, what about setting New Year resolutions for your business and its financial performance? You probably feel the same about

Article Business Articles Jan 2013

Top 3 recommendations for your 2013 Business Plan

Do you have a Business & Marketing Plan that’s ready to action? Step out your strategy activities Read our 3 top tips for creating a sustainable business plan and a

Article Business Articles Jan 2013

Where inspiration leads

Jordon Steele-John is a young man with a determination to make things happen and he plans to make 2013 his year.  He is a confident and articulate 18 year old

Article Business Articles Jan 2013

Awaken Your Personal Brand

Doing business in Perth has changed in many ways. The changes are subtle yet significant. 2012 has seen many business owners finally accept Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Some actually went

Article Business Articles Jan 2013

‘LINK’ An Effective Tool to manage your networking conversations

Most people don’t have good questions. What about you? Think about the pile of business cards on your desk of people that  you never really connected with. By asking questions,