Business Information with the Click of a Button

Having the ability to receive up-to-date information about how your business is performing is critical for success. Organisations capture vast amounts of data with the view that it will be important to their operation – yet they struggle to deliver the information needed to make informed decisions and understand where there organisation has been, where it is and more importantly, where it is going.

Manually prepared month-end reporting can take up to 4 or more days per month to complete, locking your valuable human resources in repetitive, non-value adding tasks. Far Data Solutions have reduced such reporting to hours not days.

Some business owners may not feel that this subject is relevant to them – however, consider how much time you and your employees spend on producing the month end reports, analysing data or training staff for manually produce your business critical information.

Consider then, how your company could benefit with being able to produce such reporting at the click of a button?

Organisations often have a misguided expectation that to implement a reporting solution is very costly, yet they employee Accountants and Business Analysts to manually extract, collate and present information in Excel. Such practices create inefficiencies and a higher probability that incorrect or misleading information is delivered to the decision makers.

Farook Razvi, one of the founders of Far Data Solutions, says “Some companies have benefitted from the mining boom, but others have been affected by the continued uncertainty of the global economy. Regardless if your business is in an upturn or downturn, investing in systems to deliver information in an accurate, timely and cost effective way must be a key consideration for all businesses – large or small.”

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