Check your backups by Christian Mueller

As I am sitting here writing this, I have a personal computer harddrive belonging to a customer sitting on my desk next to me churning away, trying to salvage whatever data I can from it. It doesn’t contain anything critical in a business sense; some personal files, pictures of their two young children learning to crawl, walk and talk, home videos, family holiday snapshots, their digital music collection, and e-mail correspondence. The potential loss is upsetting to them. At present it will take another 6 days to get the data of their defunct drive. Then comes the arduous task of rebuilding their data so they can enjoy it again.


What if this was one of your computers in your business, or even your mission critical server? The statistics are harrowing. 6% of all computers suffer an episode of data loss in any given year. Only one in twenty large companies (not multinationals) could operate their businesses without IT systems.  This rises to one in six small businesses that could continue their businesses without IT. 93% of companies that have lost access to their data for 10 days or longer go out of business within 12 months of the event. Overall 86 percent of businesses experience one or more instances of system downtime, which on average equates to 2.2 days a year.


Whilst a lot of businesses have data recovery procedures in place, some do not. When it comes to your data in business it always pays to plan, you don’t just want to become one of those statistics.


Best practices:

  • have a backup / recovery plan and procedure
  • test your backups frequently
  • backup as frequently as you can
  • backup important information, at best have a backup of a whole running system that can be restored to an off the shelf PC until your new hardware arrives
  • take backups offsite, or better reduce the human element entirely and automate your backups to the cloud

Make it your New Years resolution this year to test your contingency planning and data recovery in your business and home. It really is a small price to pay to not loose those precious snapshots in time of your children growing up.


About Christian Mueller

Christian is the proprietor of a small to medium business IT services provider Civitas and has been working in the ICT industry for 15 years. He lectures part time for the School of Information Systems at Curtin University, and is an avid Dragon Boater with the Perth Pirates. 08 6102 0060

Christian’s top 3 tips for 2013

  1. Backup!
  2. With new technologies on the market, anywhere can be your office
  3. Cloud computing is providing some great opportunities for small business to utilise technologies that only the big boys could afford previously.


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