Australia is the 7th worst polluter on earth[1] and generates over 1.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions.[2] The carbon tax, introduced earlier this year, has acted as a wakeup call for businesses to go green. However with the economy uncertain, business owners are hesitant to invest in sustainable initiatives.


Redback Conferencing, Australia’s leading conferencing provider, suggests that not all sustainable initiatives must come to a complete halt or be deemed costly to implement.  In fact businesses reviewing conventional communication methods now will be able to kick start 2013 in a more connected, cost efficient and environmentally friendly manner.


In a white paper titled “Green is for Go” recently published by the conferencing expert, it was noted that a return flight from Sydney to Melbourne creates an average of 0.45 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. And a petrol fuelled car travelling 500km per week creates an average of 9 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.

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Online conferencing platforms such as webinars, video conferencing and webcasts are increasingly replacing the need for costly and environmentally harmful business travel.


Jeff Downs, CEO of Redback Conferencing, says, “Online conferencing provides a simple and more sustainable solution to reducing a reliance on business travel. Sales presentations, meetings, pitches, etc. can all take place via online means, creating more immediacy, interaction and positioning a business as a leader in green technology.”


Mr. Downs says the following benefits apply to online conferencing for an all round greener business:


  1. Interaction
    Employees can enjoy the same kind of face to face interaction with colleagues and clients, via video conferencing tools, safe in the knowledge that they are not causing harm to the planet.
  2. Ease
    Online conferencing is an easy way to integrate more environmentally-friendly practices into your working environment.
  3. Cost
    Cut down on expensive fixed travel and accommodation costs and significantly lower expenditure across marketing, training, sales and meeting budgets. As well as keeping the company’s carbon emissions down.


“Not only will your business benefit from enhanced communication, cost savings and a range of tools that will enable development, you will also experience the business and personal benefits of becoming a leader in the adoption of green technology,” concludes Mr. Downs.


Redback Conferencing is Australasia’s leading conferencing provider. Redback deploys the latest Teleconferencing, Web Conferencing, Videoconferencing and Webcasting technologies to deliver an unmatched level of sophistication and ease of use. Their fully supported collaboration solutions provide a leaner and greener alternative to business travel, allowing organisations to connect with anyone, anywhere in the world and in real time.

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[1] Conservation group World Wildlife Fund 2012

[2] Carbon Neutral Australia

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