Why Employees are Emotionally Disengaged from Jobs


By Kim Seeling Smith

Research from experts like Mercer, Deloittes, the Australian Bureau of Stats are saying: · 60% of employees are disengaged emotionally from their jobs · An alarming 20% are proactively hostile towards management · Nearly half (49%) of surveyed employees are considering leaving their jobs.

The ABS predicts that the upcoming skills shortage will be the most severe in Australian history.  Whether your staff stays or goes in 2011 is determined by how inspiring you are as leader Yes, if recent predictions come true, 2011 could very well become known as “the year of churn” as more and more employees look for greener pastures post GFC.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics is predicting that unemployment dip to 4.75% in 2011, rivaling pre GFC labour shortage numbers. And several university studies predict that this trend will continue at least through 2020 culminating in a 1.4 million skills deficit.

The lesson here is to hang onto the staff that you have because it will become increasingly difficult to replace them.

Although there are several key things you can do to retain staff, the most important is to provide them with a robust career development plan. What are you doing to give your staff career development options? Are you talking to them about their 3 – 5 year career plan? Are you helping them to discover what’s unique about them and how they can add value to your company by doing more of that and less of what they are not so good at?

Are you encouraging them to keep up with those all important soft skills that will help them to communicate better, master the technology they need to leverage their function, manage better and be more innovative, strategic and solve problems? And finally are you helping them to “Condition Resilience” and bounce back from any challenges that may lie ahead?

To get you started, please download my free “Career Assessment Check List”. You can use this for yourself as well as your staff to get the conversation started. Kim Seeling Smith is an international speaker, trainer and author on Career Management and Employee Retention issues after having spent 15 years as a recruiter in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

During that time she worked with thousands of individuals and studied the differences between those capable and talented people who successfully reach their career goals and those equally capable and talented people who plateau or senselessly slide backwards as they near them as well as those companies that successfully retain their staff and those that continuously battle staff turnover.

Kim shares these distinctions with her clients in her Critical Path series ofprograms. Visit her online at http://www.MyCriticalPath.com/.

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