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Perth based entrepreneur and Director of SIG Group, Ray Mancini originally started in the executive protection sector and has worked with big stars in the entertainment industry such as Mariah Carey and Ice T.

_H4D0396SIG Group is considered as one of best training organizations in the world and as a leader in providing the most current and up to date operational training methods law enforcement and high level security professionals.

During the last 5 years SIG were able to successfully operate in more than 5 countries, which include, Ukraine, Italy, UAE, and the USA.

This June Mr. Mancini announced the launch of Atlas Design which is a boutique digital branding agency to help small businesses and companies with creative transformation and strong branding of their identity to successfully reach and positively impact their audience and target market.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Ray to get an insight into business, knowledge and wisdom.

Hi Ray, thank you for your time today, Could you please tell us briefly, what do you credit your success to?

Since I was a kid I’ve always had a wild and vivid imagination, which allowed me to dream and be creative, I guess I took that from my father as he was a great successful artist. I’ve always been highly motivated and driven individual with a ridiculous and sickening dedication to whatever I put my mind to. I can truly say that having high work ethics, absolutely loving what I do, and always putting in 100% effort almost in everything is what I credit my success to.


Your training is highly regarded within the industry. Who is your typical customer.SIG Academy


Anyone from the general public who wishes to enter the security industry or join a law enforcement department as well as law enforcement professionals who are looking at maintaining and improving their skills or investing in their professional development.


What are you most passionate about?


Helping people and giving back. My passion is charity and helping the local community, I have been involved with the leukaemia foundation for over the past 12 years as well as being proactive towards raising funds for other charities such as Sane Australia which help and support those who are affected by mental illness.

So your expertise and passion within design and branding can now benefit entrepreneurs starting up and businesses wanting to rebrand. How do you believe you are unique.


Well I’ve had an extremely fulfilling and successful career within couple of different industries across the world and I believe that all the experience and tricks of the trade that I have learnt along the way and through all the costly mistakes that I have made, I have priceless knowledge gained over 20 years of being in business at different and diverse capacities that can greatly benefit and help those young and new entrepreneurs with their journey and business adventures.


Your 3 tips that can you share with the readers who are looking at rebranding.


1- Make sure you have a very strong and effective online presence, (these days if you’re not online you’re not in business.) It’s extremely important to have the right presence online that is informative and effective.


2- Don’t ever compromise on quality by cutting corners,


3- Don’t be afraid to be bold, different and aggressive with your marketing and make sure you engage the right branding agency that care about your business to help you succeed and stand out from the competition.  One thing’s certain; you can’t expect to stand out from the crowd using the same marketing methodology and strategy everyone else is using. If you want to transform your business, you need to be creative and transform your marketing.


What do you do in your spare time? That is if you have spare time (laugh).


Well my work has been my hobby and I never feel like I’m working not even after smashing a 14 or 15 hour days but I do enjoy fitness and training whenever I can and usually I get to the gym or the beach for a training session between 2 to 3 times per week and I also enjoy competing in the IPSC shooting sport whenever I have the opportunity.


Obviously family time is important to you and you dedicate time for it. Have you always done so during the start up days?P1000636


Unfortunately not, the truth must be told. (Greatness comes at an expense.) I’m very fortunate to have beautiful understanding and supporting family and I have struggled to find that good balance between work and family as I have been obsessed with my goals and career and that obsession has been one of the main key factors for my success so that has been one area that I have personally struggled with but I’m getting much better at it now and it is the main focus for me now and in the future.


Thank you Ray, any parting words that you would like to share with the readers?


Dream big, it’s for free. Wake up every morning remembering how lucky you are to be who you are and be grateful for everything you have in your life.


Be passionate and put your soul and heart in everything you do and everything you touch, as this translates who you really are.


Work hard and work hard and then work harder as nothing great is going to just arrive at your feet for doing nothing.


Give back to the community and help as many people as you can along the way as this will give you great satisfaction and provide you with a meaningful purpose in your life.


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