Four ways to boost your Elevator Pitch for Better Networking

“It isn’t just what you know, and it isn’t just who you know.  It’s also WHO KNOWS YOU and knows what you do.”

Networking is hands down the best way to build mutually beneficial contacts and referrals to your business.  Contacts and referrals mean more business which means more profit.  So your networking needs to be done right.

And networking begins with your Elevator Speech – how you introduce yourself and your business to other people.  When you get that right it makes the whole networking experience easier and more beneficial.

Here’s four ways to make your Elevator Speech work well for you:

  1. Prepare your Elevator Speech in advance.  Know what you want to say and how you want to say it.  Practice it, but not so much it sounds pat and rehearsed.  You don’t need to say exactly the same words in exactly the same way every single time.


  1. Know your audience and tweak the Elevator Speech to fit.  You wouldn’t speak to an individual in exactly the same way you’d speak to a crowd of 100.  If your audience is a group of business people you’ll use different wording tailored to them than what you would use to a group of employees, for example.


  1. Be solution focused.  Your business solves a problem, tell us what your solution is.  Sure, you may be a mortgage broker, but what you do is help young couples buy their first home sooner and save tens of thousands in the process.


  1. Remember that your Elevator Speech is only the first part of the networking process.  It doesn’t end there, that’s just the introduction.  Networking is the building of mutually beneficial contacts.  Use your Elevator Speech as a launch pad to build relationships and get to know people one on one.



Melinda BrennanMelinda Brennan is a World Class Certified Speaking Coach who specialises in helping small business owners speak confidently about their business and get their message across clearly.

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