Grow your business using ‘Super-Temps’ by Jason Buchanan


Meet Tanya. She has over 15 years of fantastic experience in growing companies, and has great references. She doesn’t have a full-time job, takes several months holiday every year, regularly turns down offers for full-time employment and has no interest in ever getting another full-time job.

But, she is in high demand.

For those of you who are of my generation or older, this may not make any sense. Why would someone who has no career aspiration be in demand?

Before I answer this, let’s take a look at a few relevant trends.

‘Burnout’ is becoming more common

A recent survey of more than 3,500 employers found that a large majority (87%) see their employees regularly working more than 40 hours per week. In addition, 25% of businesses reported that their staff are overwhelmed at work.

People are changing roles more regularly

The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics survey of labour mobility found that 56% of Australia’s 11.5 million workers had been in their jobs fewer than five years, while 20% had been in their jobs less than a year. 63% of people left their job voluntarily.

Work-life balance is sought after

The results of many staff surveys across the globe are telling us that generally speaking, people are placing a higher value on flexibility, and want roles that can give them some sort of work-life balance.

Now, back to Tanya.

She is a professional contractor – a ‘super temp’. Like a growing number of experienced senior professionals, she is able to come into an organisation for a specific project, and there is a very real win-win: the company gets access to senior level skills and experience at the right price, and Tanya gets the lifestyle that suits her individual needs. She may choose to take a break after each project, but one thing is for certain, her whole future is dependent on her doing a fantastic job, every single time. Therefore she does.

Personally, I have used contractors like Tanya in previous businesses I have managed to successfully grow the company. This often-hidden flexible workforce is a great option for special projects, and also allows a ‘trial’ of new skills that you may be considering bringing into the organisation.

If your company has a goal to grow but is unsure about how to go about it, using the experience of the highly-skilled flexible workforce that is already out there helping other businesses is certainly worth considering.

Jason Buchanan

Jason Buchanan is General Manager of Optimum, a specialist Recruitment and HR Consultancy. He has over 12 years of senior leadership experience.

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