Basic Feng Shui for Business or the Home Office


Create harmony in your Business and Home office

Feng Shui – (pronounced fung shway) is an Ancient Chinese art which is based upon the principle of arranging our surroundings to create harmony. By doing this we can maximize the Chi -the breath of life that runs through all things – and influence this energy to work for us rather than against us.

Most people already practice a form of creating harmony in their lives without being aware of it – for example you may choose to use a certain shape/colour coffee cup regularly or feel more  energetic wearing a particular colour clothing. By having an awareness of these choices we can extend them into becoming a supportive process within our working environments.

Feng Shui is quite complex when practiced in detail but there are some basic steps you can put in place to improve harmony and success in the workplace.

  1.  The first basic rule which can be applied to any area of your life is to clear CLUTTER! Clutter creates negative, stagnant energy and chaos. There are many layers to clutter and that which can be seen at first glance can be easily tidied up.

However, the more subtle, hidden layers take a bit more searching and attention. Take a look at these areas:

• Address books that hold entries that are out-of-date or that you no longer use.

• Desk drawers filled with bits n pieces all piled in together, old food wrappers, magazines etc.

• Out dated catalogues, training manuals, CD’s shoved away in cupboards.

• Old office machines in storage areas.

• Electronic cords everywhere in visible sight or all tangled up. (creates chaotic energy)

• Old emails sitting in your inbox or files. Junk email that needs to be deleted.

• Old, useless files stored in your computer. (Be resistant to filing every document).

• A full recycle bin on your computer. (Empty this regularly).

• Out dated virus protection.

• Dead or drooping flowers and plants.

Eliminating clutter can automatically improve the Chi energy in any office or work space. Try to have a regular clear out at least once every 3 months.

2. When working from home it is important that your work activity support the energy in the home and that your home supports your workspace. For example a busy house full of noise would not be suitable for sitting quietly and doing design work. If possible try to have clients use a different door to that which the family uses and restrict access to the rest of the house.

3. In an office situation always aim to have a wall or cupboards at your back (not windows or doorways) and an open space in front of you. If your desk cannot be moved to allow for this then keep your desk as clear as possible and store anything that is not in constant use.

• If you cannot see who is approaching you then placing asmall angled mirror on your desk, computer screen or wallwill remedy this.

• Avoid hanging large mirrors in a reception area that faces the entry as chi will be reflected back outside.

• Avoid facing your desk toward stairs, closets, toilets, elevators or escalators.

• A work space that has windows, good lighting and good air is conducive to good Feng Shui.

4. Storage – store files behind your desk. Place new ideas and projects, marketing and sales to your left. Place invoices, accounts and administration files to your right and once again…keep the area in front as clear as possible.

5. Having a good attitude makes a big difference to the workplace so be aware of the dynamics and attitude of colleagues in your workplace. While you cannot always change another person’s attitude you can change your own attitude and surroundings which can have an effect on others.

6. By putting together a portable Feng Shui Kit you can always influence the Chi in your surroundings if you move between various work areas– always use objects that are meaningful to you:

• A photograph of someone who loves you or a picture with an inspiring message

• Fresh flowers or a plant (regularly remove dead leaves and freshen water)

• A cup/mug that you really like or a nice drinking glass

• Crystals, essential oils or candles. (Be aware of anyone with sensitivities or allergies) Some crystals and their properties that can be of benefit in the workplace are:

• Clear Quartz – creates natural balance. Can stimulate mental clarity.

• Amethyst – protection and clears negative energy. Balances the intellect and emotions; bestows stability, strength, invigoration and peace. Assists in the assimilation of new ideas

• Citrine – dissipates and transmutes negative energy. Influences in positive ways areas of education, business pursuits and inter-personal relationships. Also known as “MERCHANTS STONE”. It not only assists in acquiring wealth, it helps to maintain the state of wealth. Try placing a cluster or crystal point in your cash box or till.

Basic Feng Shui for Business or the Home Office There are many Feng Shui figurines, statues and symbols available in the marketplace that is believed to promote good fortune. A few  of them are:

• Dragon – wealth energy. Gives power to control situations and take control of your money.

• Career success – place behind you.

• Professional luck – place figurine on table or cabinet in east side of office.

• Good fortune; advancement in career; fame and recognition – place statue or image near an aquarium or fountain.

• To enhance career – place in a northern location in your work area.

• Born in the year of the Dragon – place on east side of work desk to promote good wealth.

Always aim to place the dragon at or below eye level so that you can keep control of its energy.

• Dragon-Turtle – attracts prosperity to your business. Place this parallel to where you sit or directly behind your seat looking sideways.

• Money Frog – brings money in by placing near the entry to your business facing inward.

7. Desk shapes – these can affect the type of work/business that you wish to achieve. Large solid, dark desks are good for finance.

Rectangular, light coloured wood desks are good for new ventures. Curved desks with soft colours are good for creativity. Round desks or tables support mental activity and completion of tasks.

8. Computers – the majority of businesses now incorporate computers in some form. These do emit a negative energy that can be detrimental to the Chi in the workplace.

• Try placing some plants to the side and at the back of your computer and electronics. This softens the negative energy. The best ones are those that are alive (not artificial) and have thick rounded leaves. Some examples are: Jade plant – this is known as the money tree and is best placed near your front entrance; Spathiphyllum (peace lily) – this cleanses the air and neutralizes common retardants such as formaldehyde (found in carpets, paints, wood varnish and flame retardant materials which can irritate the throat, cause headaches and disturb sleep patterns); Philodendron – also a symbol of great abundance and believed to purify the air; Syngonium (white butterfly) – it also cleanses the air that you breathe. It is also best to use an odd number rather than an even number of plants.

• Whether you are using a laptop or a pc always try to place the screen so that your view of the door or entry is kept clear.

Desktop patterns and screensavers can be chosen to enhance or promote a particular mood or feeling. Nature scenes can be quite relaxing; inspirational quotes or bright colours can be invigorating especially if you work in a high-powered environment.

• You can also use feng shui principles when placing your desktop icons. The top left corner represents Prosperity so by placing folders for important projects here it can encourage success. The top right corner relates to relationships so place personal files here and the lower left corner of the desktop represents wisdom, so by placing any files for problematic projects here can encourage success in the outcomes. Always aim to keep your desktop icons clear and tidy to prevent negative energy and stress

By incorporating even some of these basic steps you will feel a positive difference in the energy flow of your workplace or business. To go further in-depth with Feng Shui there are many good books in the market and Feng Shui Consultants that will work with you personally to enhance success and harmony in your business.

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