How Can You Manage Your Digital Clutter, Email & Newsletter Marketing Better?

Digital Newsletters can be annoying yet they are an important communication tool.

How can SMEs handle receiving emails & newsletters, and also on the flip side manage their own newsletters effectively to compile, send and track effectiveness.

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Digital newsletters are an important marketing tool and most companies just have to use them. However, on the other hand, they can be very annoying although we may have subscribed and double opted in ourselves.

Anton Menkveld supports the use of newsletters and tells us how to make them more effective to build customer-client relationships via email marketing, without being marked as spam, junk mail, or phishing tools. He also addresses how one can use them to ensure the receiver reads it, compiles it and how you can keep track of it.

On the other hand, Chee Wong tells us how we can minimize the inflow of newsletters and such emails to improve time management and to manage email productivity without wasting time.

This puts these two speakers at loggerheads, and makes the case study worth watching. Scan the QR code on the top right corner of the page or visit NifnexTV channel on YouTube.

According to Anton, “Our aim is not to clutter the mails with newsletters, but give them valuable information they can use later. What we teach our clients is to use the newsletters to build a relationship with their clients rather than just send out emails.”

“We encourage people to use applications to build relationships by giving them options, understanding what interests the target audience, know if they are opening the mails or not, their level of engagement and give them topics they like reading” “SME’s spend 28% of their time on their inbox management.

Newsletters are the most problem for people, so we advice people that if they do not make use of it within 7 days, send it to the junk,” says Chee Wong from Expert Messaging.

Chee suggests if you are not doing anything useful with the email/newsletter, just ditch it, because it is not actionable, even if it is interesting to read.

You can create folders where you can send such mails automatically using apps such as Pocket and Ever Note to filter mails you would read later.

5 tips from Anton Menkveld
1. Build relationships
2. Ask for permission
3. Make it useful
4. Make it personal
5. Track and measure which content works and which doesn’t

5 tips from Chee Wong
1. Delete anything you are not actioning to within 7 days
2. If you consistently are not actioning from a newsletter you received 7 times, unsubscribe
from it
3. Set up a read later system (Ever Note and Pocket)
4. Process the email through the apps
5. Read them later at leisure times

How can you manage your Digital clutter, Email & Newsletter Marketing better








Chee Wong: Expert Messaging

Expertise: Time Management

Anton Menkveld: Designer Life Technologies

Expertise: Online CRM Solutions


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