How Many Coffee Chats Should You Be Having A Week?

There’s a direct correlation between coffee chats and business growth. How many coffee chats should you be having?
Depends. If your role has a sales or business development focus then you should have at least 10 coffee meetings each week. More if possible. If you’re a professional or business owner and you need to balance meeting your chargeable hour targets, getting the work done and taking calls from clients, then you need to find the time to fit a minimum of 2 coffee meetings into your weekly routine. The point is you’ve got to take the time to build relationships. It’s how you keep the revenues flowing.

If you only reach out to people when you want something or have something to sell, you build feelings of resentment towards you and the ‘atmospherics’ of the conversation are uncomfortable.

If your coffee chat ends with no next steps (or action items) then the meeting is really a failure.
Big question: Which 10 prime people will I have a meaningful coffee chat with?

Action step: Get on the phone or shoot off an email inviting those people to have a coffee with you.
So yes, I’m a big fan of regular one-to-one coffee catch-ups. And, as I’ve just said, the idea is to make these meetings worthwhile and not merely ‘social’.

It pays to put some thought (planning) into your coffee chats with networking contacts, clients and potential customers.

Here’s why. Those coffee chats you have with people help them form their opinions of you and the work you’re capable of. You should take that very seriously.

That said, here’s a few more ideas to help you make the most of your networking coffee chats:
– Prepare for each meeting like a job interview.
– Be ready to answer the “What’s new with you?” question.
– Try to find out what is really important totheother person.
– Finish your meeting with an offerto help and a request.
• Be sure to follow through.

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