Are you tired of sore feet everyday? Interview with the founder of Louise M Shoes; Perth Entrepreneur

Shoes are such an important part of everyone’s day, and have a huge impact on life!

We spoke to Louise M, who sourced fashionable, stylish and comfortable shoes because she was tired of having no choice but to wear faux leather ‘nana’ looking shoes as a cabin crew member.

In this interview, we  addressed several issues including impact on health, buying shoes online and also got a HOT offer for Nifnex Readers.

Hi Louise, Tell us how Louise M shoes started?

Being on my feet and in a corporate uniform, I always purchased good quality Italian leather shoes. Mostly this was because I loved the look and feel of beautiful European shoes. However I also knew my feet were happy and the leather could handle the various weather conditions I had to deal with daily.

It became increasingly difficult to find beautiful leather shoes and to my horror I found myself wearing faux leather ‘nana’ shoes. At that moment I knew I had to do something about this, for others and me.

What makes Louise M Shoes different from the rest?

The fact that I understand what ladies need, is the most significant component that retailers do not offer. 17 years as cabin crew on my feet for hours!

The leather quality and heel stability are the other essential components that make Louise M shoes different from others.

Zeeshan, I have ensured that the shoes are fashionable and comfortable. May I suggest though that it’s best to leave the platforms and stilettos in the weekend wardrobe, and have other fashion shoes for your corporate wardrobe.
What a great idea to put the Louise M shoes through a tough Jacobs Ladder challenge. What inspired you to do it?

I had tested the shoes in the aircraft so I knew they were perfect for cabin crew. Trying to find a way to assure women in other industries that the shoes are great for them too, we decided that Jacob’s Ladder was the ultimate test, and would be a great way for others to see how wonderful the shoes are.

One shoe to get to work and another to wear in the office; are you eliminating this problem completely for women who carry a pair of shoes to work?

Put on your shoes at home before leaving for work, and take them off at home when you return at the end of the day. There is no need to have two pairs of shoes for one workday. I have chosen shoes that will allow you to wear one pair, all day. More room, less weight in the handbag!

“You can be more confident, productive, and look after your health too, simply by choosing the right shoe for your workday”

Do you find there is apprehension against ordering shoes online based on shoe sizes etc? What do your customers say?

There is unnecessary apprehension to ordering shoes online. European made brands have a more standard size, and once you know your Italian size it is very easy to order online at Louise M. I can give tips on how to find your true size, and then once you get to know our brands, it is super easy to order on line. Remember I am always happy to assist customers with their shoe choices.

Any tips for women buying shoes to avoid future issues with health and well being?

To avoid future health issues such as bunions, and sore knees and backs always choose quality leather made by experienced shoe craftsmen. The Italians and Germans are known as the best in the world.

Then spend as much as you can afford on one pair of shoes, rather than small amounts on many poor quality shoes. You will not only avoid health issues, you will save time and money.

Tell us about the Champagne events you host? When is the next one? How can ladies qualify to be part of this fun yet serious club?

Zeeshan, two of my great passions are Shoes and Champagne. Somehow they just seem to go together so wonderfully!

We had our second event in November which was so much fun. It was a great way for ladies to see the whole range and try on favorite styles. There were discounts, door prizes, delicious French cheeses and Louise M cupcakes. Of course French Champagne too.

If you would like to attend our next event in May 2015, you can register for an invitation by emailing louise@louisemshoes or calling 0417 933 523.

Louise, you are kind, beautiful and lovely …. Do you have a great offer for Nifnex readers (I meant the compliment btw & wasn’t just a bribe you to get the best offer haha)

Zeeshan you are very good with words! As I would like your readers to be able to experience the difference that shoes from the Louise M range will provide them, I would like to offer a 10% discount. They simply need to apply promo code NIFNEX in the shopping cart to receive 10% off any product available at

Thank you for your time Louise and as an entrepreneur myself, I have watched your journey since you started and love where you are taking your business whilst helping so many women get through their day in style & comfort!

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