Is Your Team ‘Constipated?’

Today, people management is not an option. Managing the team can be an illusion of control. Trying to ‘manage people’ is dealing with the effect not the cause. The cause stems from our thoughts filtering through our beliefs, values and our state in that moment.

The first step of transformation is to inspire people to choose to live at cause and out of the ‘effect of what we refer to as ‘the five constipating enemies’ that can hold us back in life. The first two are:

1. Limiting Beliefs E.g. I’m not as good with customers as others in the team.

image 1

2. F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real). E.g. fear of rejection, fear of not being good enough.

It’s not often a team member will want to discuss their fears.

a. Because it’s unconscious

b. Their running patterns of behavior or habits that keep them ‘safe’.

Now, Watch the results when we challenge and breakthrough the 5 constipating enemies ( Unleash Your Greatest Potential Transformation Workshop) and ask yourself, ‘how would I and my T. E . A .M. (Totally Empowered Awesomeness in Motion) perform, in this state of empowered mindset?’ What you just saw is example of what happens when you shift the internal environment especially around what’s possible by taking people through a process of letting go of those ‘constipating enemies’ and empowering people to choose to live at cause.

This is not just about being positive, it’s about instilling true leader ship within every T.E.A.M.  member.

Each person Empowered, accountable and consistent.

You can read more about fire walking, one of the many tools we utilize in this process of transformation by clicking the link (http://www.natureandhealt

Transformation Coach:

Hament ChavdaSince arriving in Australia in 2010, Hament has co-authored the best seller You Can Live the Life of Your Dreams, founded Coach 26 (Personal and Business Transformation) and Perth’s premier ‘fire walking event.’ Unleash Your Greatest Potential ( and has recently with his partner and Soul mate, Sonal, acquired and transformed the long established health store Natures Harvest into a holistic Health Destination. He has reached thousands of people through business training workshops, personal coaching and breakthrough events. The mission to bring to light the magnificence in people one person at time and the vision to positively impact over 20 million people by 2020.

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