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In this digital age in which we are all becoming more immersed, many people are using electronic methods to get their message out to customers and potential customers.  While email, texting and tweeting have increased in popularity, they do have their limitations and statistics show that the printed page still takes precedence when it comes to making decisions.

Mail is the most responsive of all marketing media, it is durable, interactive, can be personal and versatile. Paper communications costs can be high, but they don’t need to be.  Thanks to new technology there is now a way that companies can turn an electronic letter, invoice or statement into a printed item which can be folded, inserted and mailed on their behalf.  This is a major change in the way that companies can utilise mail and allows them to take advantage of direct mail without the expense of needing to send large quantities at a time.

The solution is QuickConnect, an innovative new system which allows companies to take advantage of postal discounts whilst increasing staff productivity and ensuring greater integrity of mail packs.

How does QuickConnect work?

One of the advantages of QuickConnect is that you can send any quantity of mail, at any time and there are no minimum charges. You only pay for the mail that you send.  It simply couldn’t be easier to use, all you need to do is download the free QuickConnect printer driver to your computer and you are ready to start sending mail.

You create your document and send it via the printer driver to Quickmail for printing, folding, inserting and mailing on the same day, meaning that your mail gets to people faster, all at the click of a mouse. You control the entire document creation process and Quickmail supplies all the paper and envelopes, so you don’t have to.

Who can take advantage of QuickConnect?

Any business can utilise QuickConnect in their office.  The service is suited to the mailing of a range of items including;

  • Invoices and Statements
  • Marketing/ New Business Development letters
  • Payroll advice and employee letters
  • Shareholder mail
  • Office/ Call centre mail

 For example, a vet may send reminder notices to customers letting them know that their animals vaccinations are due, a real estate agent may like to send letters to potential buyers of a property they have for sale in the area, a retail store may have a birthday club and send a voucher to customers on their birthday, or a business may want to ensure they get their invoices in the mail as soon as possible to keep the cash coming in.

From just $1.02 per item including print, personalisation, envelope, folding and postage, QuickConnect allows you to tap in to intelligent production print and mail capabilities and new economies of scale.  The software generates an audit trail that tracks what was sent, when, where and to whom, all whilst ensuring your communications reach the market faster and with greater integrity.

For further information on QuickConnect and to access a free $50 credit exclusive to Nifnex Review readers please contact the team at Quickmail on +6189493 0477 or www.quickmail.com.au

*Valid only until 30th September 2012 in Australia. Cannot be redeemed for cash.

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