Making a BIG Difference to Small Business

Achieving sustainable business performance is a constant theme in the mind of many business people, but it’s not as elusive as you might think.

What would you say if I told you there were proven universal principles that are straightforward and simple to implement, and that you could apply to your business today to deliver higher profits, reduce waste, create more customer value, and improve staff engagement and retention?

If this piqued your curiosity then allow us to introduce you to The Corporate Strategist (TCS), a Perth based high performance specialist. TCS exists to help people, teams and organisations develop, grow and succeed. TCS assists business people who aspire to higher performance and shows them exactly how to change their business for the better.

TCS is run by management consultant, Craig D’Souza. He’s been a practitioner of high performance for the past twenty years, and he knows his stuff. D’Souza gets results by combining real-world experience with professional education and practical expertise amassed from repeated instances of high performance.

He’s been a Corporate Account Executive who ranked amongst the Top 10 Performers in the country consistently over a 10 year period, a Senior Manager in WA for a $1B company, and a strategic consultant who has helped Perth businesses take their profits sky high. One current customer, RTV Computers, experienced explosive profit increases of nearly 250% in their first year under his guidance, which paid for the cost of his services more than seven times over!

In accompanying you along your journey from good to great, TCS elevates your business by transferring the skills, knowledge, and expertise to improve it for the long term. With expert guidance, coaching and mentoring, you will be taught exactly how to achieve sustainable excellence in four key areas: Strategy and Marketing, Operations, Leadership and Teams.

Acting as a catalyst for constructive change,TCS uses a collaborative approach to boost businesses by applying simple and actionable principles to create lasting customer value. This philosophy, known as ‘Lean’, is the very same as used by Toyota which enabled it to become the number one car manufacturer in the world. Lean is about developing principles that are right for your organisation and diligently practicing them to achieve high performance that continues to add value to customers and society. This, of course, means being competitive and profitable.

D’Souza’s unique leadership approach is one that is remarkably positive. He believes that each and  every person has the potential for greatness, and that all people require is the right catalyst to unleash their potential.

With a new website under construction and going live by the end of the month, D’Souza is confident, inspired and energised about his own business, and about yours too!

Isn’t it time you felt the same way? Contact The Corporate Strategist today to make some real magic happen for your business.

0409 086 287

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