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Motivation is required in order for us to survive. It is part of our survival mechanism and is essential for self preservation. But is that enough? What about success, achievement, growth? Why do we have to constantly find ways and means to keep ourselves motivated? Why do we constantly look for motivation around us?

In order for us to do anything, we need to be motivated. Whether it is getting up from bed in the morning or doing our daily chores if there is no motivation we would not do it. The motivation could be as simple as avoiding pain or gaining pleasure. Everything that we do is either to avoid pain or to gain pleasure. However we all know that in spite of the fact that we gain pleasure we still don’t do certain things and that is because the motivation is not strong enough.

Motivation can be divided into 2 types: External motivation and Internal Motivation. When we say motivation in the normal sense what we mean is External motivation. An external push that we require to do something that we may or may not care about. It is generally about a physical expression like chest thumping, fist pumping etc to psyche yourself up to do something.

On the other hand there is Internal Motivation which is also referred to as Inspiration. This kind of motivation comes from deep within ourselves and is not dependent on any external physical expression. Inspiration means to be “ in spirit “ or to be in sync with who you truly are. When you are in this place of inspiration you are naturally drawn to do whatever feels best.

In order for us to achieve our goals and move steadily forward on our chosen paths we need to be driven from inside rather than outside and hence this means that the goals that we set have to be inspired goals. What this really means is that the goals have to be congruent with who we really are. They have to be in sync with our map of the world, with our Values, Passions, Beliefs, and Habits.

The industrial age was all about motivation and external methods of getting people to perform and work at a high level. However this kind of motivation can never bring out the very best in people. In today’s knowledge economy what we need more than anything else is to inspire people so that they are driven from within themselves and to help them design inspired goals.

Being inspired is the best place to be. This is a constant process of realignment. Whenever you feel that you are having to push and are struggling it means that it is time to realign. Whenever you feel like you are not enjoying life it is time to realign. Realignment is really not complicated at all. All that it requires is that you look inwards, do introspection and try and understand what it is that you really want.

Sunil Kumar

“The Inspiration Academy “an organisation that is dedicated to helping people discover their true self and the immense potential that is hidden deep within all of us and teaches how to harness mind power to transform our life to attain lasting peace, success and fulfillment.

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