PALM OFF your tasks for a better lifestyle; Interview with Sara Stockdale

Personal Assistance and Lifestyle Management is growing in importance and technology is making it somewhat harder for people with busy lifestyles. Zeeshan Pasha (CEO Nifnex), interviewed Sara Stockdale from PALM about this growing concern by small to medium sized businesses in Perth.


Sara Stockdale

Sara, Thank you for your time. Why do you believe personal assistance services are needed especially now?

In my experience we can all afford to learn how to do things smarter, not harder. Our time is so valuable to us, and it feels like many of us are constantly carrying out urgent tasks instead of the important ones; doing what ‘needs’ to be done rather than the things we want to do. Be it added play time with your children, time to read that novel, pursue other relaxation avenues or address another area of importance to you, what each person would choose to do with an extra few hours in their life is completely unique.

It is my hope that by “palming off” some of your tasks to me, you will be able to make the most of the opportunity to enjoy the type of lifestyle you wish to create and enjoy the time to do it!


I have to say, the name and logo are very intriguing. Could you please give us an insight on it please? PALM_ad

Who wouldn’t want to have more than two hands and the ability to be in two places at once? ! I loved how it all seemed to work together: the image that represents the palm of the hand, providing a helping hand and palming something off!

While I like the logo for its visual appeal, there is more meaning behind it all, from the choice of colours to the life lines on the right hand. Essentially, a personal assistant can help manage the lifestyle you want to live, hence “Personal Assistance Lifestyle Management”. PALM.

 So, what was the driving factor to start PALM?

When my husband took a permanent position and we no longer operated our business contracting labour out, I found most of my time was spent helping out friends who were new mums, small business owners and busy professionals.

I was consistently finding that they all had so many tasks that needed to be done but also never seemed to have enough time to do them. The positive feedback I received from my assistance is what inspired me to create PALM.

Who would your services be most beneficial to?

 My services are suited for busy professionals, time-pressured parents, new mums or small business owners. And thus my services are varied, and catered to the individual needs of the client. My services include running errands, delivery and collection of items, personal shopping, research and seeking quotes, meeting tradespeople, event planning, bookings and reservations and much more!

I understand the demand on small business owners especially, who need to spend time strategically planning to increase sales, but are often distracted by the everyday demands and administration of running a business. Let’s not forget about having a personal life that is separate to the business! I can be of assistance getting personal tasks completed while they remain in the office, or to provide various levels of administrative support in the business. Especially with the structure of hourly rates and packages of time there is no long-term commitment and my support can be varied to match the level of business activity!

What are the main advantages of engaging PALM?

If you aren’t one of the lucky few to have a full-time personal assistant, this could be the next best thing. Whether it’s related to your work or personal life you can experience the satisfaction of delegating those pesky errands or things you’ve run out of time to do, by getting me to do it for you. And of course there are other benefits to having a personal assistant – you will save time, reduce stress, increase productivity and increase flexibility.

Please share with  us an incident that is most memorable to you.

A client was recently at the hairdressers and her stylist was discussing how he had been meaning to get around to getting some health insurance. They both agreed that it was a task that was important to do, but also seemed difficult to get comparative quotes with the time it would require. A task that always seemed to be make its way to the bottom of the list! I LOVE my client’s response;

She said, “I outsourced it!” When she told me the story, the satisfaction and relief in her voice was very evident!

How is technology affecting the lifestyles of busy people?

There is so much marketing around personal devices such as smart phones and tablets that highlight the advantages of ‘being connected anytime and anywhere’. I agree there are some great advantages; however there is an expectation that goes with this, it also means you can be contacted anytime and anywhere! These days we need to schedule in time away from our phones and computers to get a break from it!

How many people dread answering the phone at times, wondering what else they are going to need to add to their to-do list?

Can you please share with us how you use technology to make your daily schedule or your clients day easier/better/efficient?

My clients love the fact that they can text or email me with their request and then consider it done! On more than one occasion I have heard them say it gives them a sense of relief that they no longer have to try and remember to do it and/or squeeze it in, and that it’s going to be done well.

What is the most bizarre task/job that you have been requested by a client?

Nothing as yet :-)

That’s awesome Sara, what is the best way to contact you to avail your services?

The best ways to contact me are via


By email:

Or mobile: 0402 683 282

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