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Nifnex, an abbreviation of Nifty Nexus or Smart Connections, is a networking platform for businesses in the bustling West. It operates under the title of Nifnex Success Academy and it’s easy to see, even after a short tour of the company and its ways just why it is so successful and why it inspires so many stories of success.

Article by Andrew Tobin for BBX

Article by Andrew Tobin for BBX

Indian born, Sydney educated and Perth based entrepreneur, the exotically named Zeeshan Pasha, launched Nifnex a short four years ago and has grown it into one of the most exciting enterprises that has already evolved into so much more than it promised at its beginning and as Zeeshan’s grand vision comes more and more into focus, the future for Nifnex is looking boundless.

A quick visit to the site – – gives a fascinating insight into its journey from a simple newspaper for small business into a must-belong hub for Perth businesses that are welcoming the future. And while it is currently only Perth bound, this personal branding ambassador is licensing his multi award winning model to various cities in Australia and overseas.

Only recently Nifnex introduced a nominal annual membership to the Academy that enabled its business community to come together, collaborate, grow themselves and their businesses.

Zeeshan believes networking through the exchange of business cards has been superseded by what he calls “trust and knowledge exchange marketing” whereby business people need to impart their knowledge to gain trust straight away rather than relying on coffee conversations after exchanging cards. In order to foster such an environment his Academy events involve panel discussions, education, breakout session and mentoring. And plenty of coffee if that’s your poison. The vote of confidence came from the introduction of the annual membership fee when rather than deter anyone, the opportunity to participate more fully in the activities organized by the Academy resulted in a surge of membership!

Membership means an invitation to the  monthly events hosted by Nifnex and access to the big brains in Perth’s corporate and business advisory arena. It also gives members the opportunity to impart knowledge in their online and print newspaper as a voice of the small business community and also get mentored by top CEOs and business advisors in 20 minute “breakout sessions”.

Nifnex runs regular creative events such as the small business awards’ Influential 100 and networking events to pop the bubble of people’s fears and break various records listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

“While we don’t, at this stage, organize events for our members, we are happy to hold their hands and guide them to ensure their events are every bit as dynamic and productive as they can be,” he says.

Nifnex has been with BBX for about two years and one of the innovative arrangements the two organisations have struck is for BBX to take full page advertisements in its regular magazines where Perth-based BBX members can announce their presence to a very select and rapidly growing base of WA businesses that have recognized the power of Nifnex. Readership has grown to more than 55,000 established business readers in print and online in a very short space of time.

A service available to all and which again underlines Nifnex’s love of innovation is Nifnex TV, available free on the net via its website that tackles all the challenges facing and opportunities available to small businesses. It’s well worth scrolling through the short shows on offer because you’re sure to find a few that address exactly the issue you’ve been having so much trouble with.

Business can and do use Nifnex TV as a valued source of training videos.

Unsurprisingly, Zeeshan is a man with many demands on his time, so the best way to connect with Nifnex is through its website. It’s a connection you will come to treasure. To quote the man himself: “When the right people come together, Magic Happens.”

Credit: Article written by Andrew Tobin for BBX

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