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Message from the CEO

Zeeshan Pasha

2012 has been an exciting year with little steps forward each day.

A couple of weeks ago, I had my 6 year old son tell me that the moon loves our car. So, I was intrigued and asked him why. He replies, “It’s following us”.

I’m sharing this story because an innocent observation by a kid is inspirational to busi­ness owners like us. Whilst we keep moving forward, let the guiding light follow us. The guiding light could be anything that we can relate to that keeps us honest, accountable and focused.

Nifnex Wins Best Marketing 2012 Award

With the launch of our weekly online editions which feature business debates and informa­tive articles, we are well and truly turning some heads.

Nominated as a finalist for the Belmont Small Business Awards 2012 and also making it to the top 3 finalists for the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce Awards earlier this year, we be­lieve our product and services are genuinely ac­cepted by the small business community.

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This edition is packed with articles, debates and information that every business owner needs. It’s interesting to see and hear what business owners and experts in various fields have to say about various topics.

With Christmas around the corner, the next edition will be focused on stepping up your business in 2013. Until then, l look forward to hearing your feedback.

Zeeshan Pasha

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