Social Media & Digital Advertising Myths. Facebook Vs. LinkedIn Vs. Google Ads

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We live in a digital age with clutter and there are misconceptions of social media advertising.

Each platform has its benefits to target various segments of one’s target market.

How can businesses target their digital marketing & advertising better.


There are many misconceptions about social media advertising. There are various platforms, and each comes with its unique benefits and each targets a specific segment of its target market.

Rajab Karume; Needle n Hay Digital

Expertise: Digital Media


Rajab is concerned with the disruptions taking place with current technologies. He looks at business models and sees what is lacking and improves them in digital.

He says, “From our perspective you need to understand your valuable position before getting into digital space. The word digital is ambiguous, but from a business perspective, you need to be able to know the developing position and look into the client proposing the value and see if you can marry that in a frictionless way.”

You need to work out channels that are conducive for you and the client to have a successful engagement.


Douglas Lim: Alyka

Expertise: Social Media Solutions

Douglas Lim

Douglas looks at this from an online marketing, SEO, Digital campaign and Social media perspective.

Once you have an online presence, you need to drive traffic to you, and Facebook is one of the platforms that can help. He said, “I am a big fan of Facebook ads, purely  because they have innovation, and that’s what Facebook does” “You need to work out your target demographics, because if you are a business to customer person Facebook is the best platform, and for B2B setups, LinkedIn is the best.

Moreover, most people login on websites using their Facebook accounts and it is perfect for marketers.

Facebook is less expensive than LinkedIn based on pay per click business.

Facebook offers a lot more features to help you target the audience, unlike LinkedIn” Dale Carter adds to the case study looking at it from the perspective of online marketing and tools to improve it, through SEO and Web sites.


Dale Carter; GTP iCommerce

Expertise: SEO & CRM

Dale_Want to Increase Profits (1)

Dale says: “I think the reality is that over the coming years, most peoples’ marketing spend will be on Google Adwords in the future” So my key points are that any micro, Small or medium business owner needs to take control of his Google Adword.”

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Business owners cannot abdicate the responsibility to find keywords to a third party.

Google Adsense is there for commercial intent. It is more expensive, but you also get a good return on investment.

Google Adwords is for both B2C and B2B setups.

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