Spacecubed Shares Cutting-Edge Platforms

A new office space for Co-working, Collaboration and Innovation has popped up in Perth CBD just over a year ago. Spacecubed is where a community of local entrepreneurs from different industries get together and work on their up-and-coming businesses. Here’s what a few of these entrepreneurs are working on:


The familiar phrase, ‘we live in boring old Perth’ is becoming no longer relevant. Over the past few years, there have been a lot of cool boutique bars and specialist coffee stores popping up around the city.

The problem is that many of these restaurants are so new that nobody seems to know about them -there’s too much that’s going on ‘underground’. Frustrated hospitality workers, Rhod and Dave, aim to solve this problem through the creation of their new app called CitySwagga. The app allows the user to discover boutique bars and specialist coffee stores in their area more easily, with the option of refining the search according to the person’s interests. The app is still under development and is expected to launch within the next few months.

Eternal Eve

Aimed at women who are frustrated with not knowing where to go when they need a good hairdresser, beautician or alternative therapy service, is a listing of recommendations for women, by women; of the best health, beauty and hygiene services in a particular city. This website basically provides a platform where women can find the best services they are in need for, without having to go through the pain-staking efforts of manually looking for them, which could take months or even years.
Think of it as your ‘little black book of listings’. is expected to launch in August.

Op Rock

With an increasing amount of consumers looking for their products online rather than in person, offline retailers are slowly becoming left behind. We’ve not yet reached a Brave New World of digital technology (or maybe we have) but as the old saying goes, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Osric Powell, founder of Op Rock, has created an online marketplace for Australian Op shops. The company allows local Op shops to operate their own digital store and embrace the increased sales opportunities and exposure that comes with going online and being part of a wider digital Op shop movement. Op Rock has an overall goal to help the charities that run such Op shops (such as St Vincent de Paul, Lifeline, etc.) generate new streams of revenue to fund the important work they do in the community.

<Vine Collective

For the majority of Australia’s 2,500 strong wine producers, selling their wine can be quite a task. One major contributing factor to this is the dominance of the supermarket chains in the liquor retail market. The supermarkets’ volume-based business models favour a few larger producers whilst erecting hefty barriers for majority of boutique producers. They also limit customer choice through the use of sneaky private labels, and wine education is stifled through biased recommendations from store clerks.
Enter Vine Collective. Launching in late 2013, Vine Collective is an ecommerce enabled social platform where wine drinkers can buy wines direct from producers whilst informing themselves through the sharing of wine and winery reviews.





A company that specializes in location-awareness technology, GeoMoby works closely with businesses and enables them to add location-awareness technology to mobile apps they are producing. Especially since tracking methods dramatically drain your battery, GeoMoby provides an innovative battery-safe solution for real-time tracking, messaging and geo-fencing.
Geo-fencing in simple terms, really just refers to defining a virtual boundary (which demarcates a region of interest) for a real-world geographical area.

Business Made Easy Consulting

Passionate about the way businesses present themselves to the public, Josh Smith is a Spacecubed member that owns and runs a marketing consultancy business. He assists businesses in two main aspects 1) by helping them realize how they can use the internet to expand their business growth through a feel-designed website, e-networking and other practices; and 2) by teaching them how to create automated income streams other than their main sources of income through the sale of their goods or services.

‘Stay tuned for more exciting Spacecubed happenings and updates on new businesses that are sprouting around in Perth!

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Bec Farag

Bec is an up and coming artist entrepreneur. Being involved in the Perth Art Scene over the years, she has developed a passion for promoting the culture and business of art to the masses. She is currently interning with the Nifnex Creative Team.