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Interviews with Perth Businesses

Interviews based around Inspiration, Positivity & Knowledge, find out what makes these businesses unique and differentiates them from the competition. If you want us to interview you and highlight your

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Transform Your Business by Creating and Implementing a One-Page Action Plan

  Has your business growth stagnated? Are your profits dipping? Have you decided that the only way forward is to make alterations to your business model, but just not quite

Lorraine Garvie Writers Club Articles

How Effective Are Your Time Management Skills?

Do you, as a business leader, take each day as it comes, work hard and hope that everything turns out all right and is achieved on time? Or, do you plan and

Lorraine Garvie Writers Club Articles

Is Procrastination Having A Negative Impact On Your Business?

Procrastination can basically be described as delaying or putting off doing something unpleasant or difficult and completing easier or more pleasant tasks instead. We can all procrastinate at times but

Lorraine Garvie Writers Club Articles

Is It Time For Entrepreneurs To Forego Traditional Business Plans

A traditional business plan is often viewed as the mainstay of any new business.It is the document that will help secure funding from investors and will keep you on track

Lorraine Garvie Writers Club Articles

How Important Is It For Your Brand To Develop A Sales Culture?

Many business leaders appreciate the value of providing regular sales training for their staff. But, how do you encourage consistency in their selling achievements and how do you help them

Lorraine Garvie Writers Club Articles

Understanding Human Needs Can Make You a Better Leader

Understanding what best motivates your workforce can be of great benefit to you as leader and help you to achieve your business strategy.  It is, therefore, worthwhile exploring these basic

Lorraine Garvie Writers Club Articles

Does Your Leadership Style Motivate or Stifle Your Employees?

Although there are various leadership styles including, bureaucratic, paternalistic, transformational, transactional, etc. for the purpose of this article we are looking at three major styles – Autocratic, Democratic and Laissez-fare

Lorraine Garvie Writers Club Articles

Is Hiring Family Members an Advantage to Your Business?

Initially, it may appear to be entirely logical to hire a family member into your business.  You would easily be forgiven for believing that a family member working in your

Lorraine Garvie Writers Club Articles

Key Points To Consider Before Hiring Employees

If you want to succeed in implementing your business plan and achieving business growth, it is critical that you hire the right employee. Like everything else you want to achieve