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Social Media & Digital Advertising Myths. Facebook Vs. LinkedIn Vs. Google Ads

      We live in a digital age with clutter and there are misconceptions of social media advertising. Each platform has its benefits to target various segments of one’s

Douglas Lim Writers Club Articles


Social Media with Douglas Lim As we draw close to the end of 2013 and move into 2014, I’ve been thinking a lot about where social media marketing will head

Charles Ryder Writers Club Articles

Negative SEO: How to Monitor your Links and Put a Stop to Spammers

Most businesses use SEO to boost their search engine results rankings, but did you know that similar techniques can be used to bring them down as well? This form of

Charles Ryder Writers Club Articles

4 Essential SEO Mobile Marketing Considerations

Smartphones have become the new standard for mobile devices due to their features and functionality, and anything less is seen by most as outdated. Thanks to these advanced handsets, even

Charles Ryder Writers Club Articles

SEO Tips for Web Designers

Designing a great website is more than making it functional and appealing to the eye. Making the website pop up in a Google search is extremely important for introducing new

Greg Culver Writers Club Articles

What You Need To Be Doing Online in 2013

If 2012 is being recognized as the year of change online (Google has made more changes this year than in the past 6 years), then 2013 stands to be the

Charles Ryder Writers Club Articles

5 Key Steps to Making Your Content Strategy Pay Off

Many music fans believe that mainstream music no longer has any form, that it’s all about sound and catchy one-liners. Well, people still crave substance. They want to learn something

Charles Ryder Writers Club Articles

3 Reasons to Invest in Online Marketing

If you’re a business owner who’s not already taking advantage of online marketing, you’re already a step, or several flights of stairs, behind the competition. In today’s society, technology reigns supreme,

Lorraine Garvie Writers Club Articles

How Will You Navigate Your Business Through The J-Curve Effect?

    At a basic level, the J-Curve effect is a term mostly used in economics and describes an initial loss followed by a considerable gain. (If you imagine a

Charles Ryder Writers Club Articles

Deciding Where to Spend Your Online Marketing Budget: SEO vs. PPC

Everybody has advice when it comes to marketing on the web. It can get confusing and overwhelming. If you don’t know much about online marketing, don’t worry. Follow these tips on