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Social Media & Digital Advertising Myths. Facebook Vs. LinkedIn Vs. Google Ads

      We live in a digital age with clutter and there are misconceptions of social media advertising. Each platform has its benefits to target various segments of one’s

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OK! So Now You Have Your Website – What’s Next?

10 years ago, just having a website was good enough. It didn’t matter how it looked or converted. You were found easily on the internet, it wasn’t saturated as it

Gary Hanley Nifnex Business Review 15 Oct - 15 Nov 2013 Writers Club Articles

10 Tips To Leverage your business

Technology has had a tremendous impact on the way we operate and conduct our businesses. We have the powerful capabilities to link information systems and have access to various software

Gary Hanley Writers Club Articles

What is SEO and SEM Do I Need Them

Conducting business on the web, you need to be visible organically and through advertised links. So SEO and SEM work very well together to provide an online marketing campaign. That

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Positioning Your Business in Google et al

By Charles Ryder Have you ever wondered how you can take advantage of the sudden shift in the marketing landscape lately without becoming a victim of Internet sales hype? Have