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Smart Move, Smart Connections, Nifnex

Nifnex, an abbreviation of Nifty Nexus or Smart Connections, is a networking platform for businesses in the bustling West. It operates under the title of Nifnex Success Academy and it’s

Business Resources April-May 2014


Zeeshan Pasha, CEO and Founder of Nifnex, launched the first Influential 100 Awards in Perth at the end of February 2014, with one hundred local business people publicly awarded for


Introduction to Nifnex

What is Nifnex? What does the word mean? What do we do? This 2 minutes video will explain all the above questions. I hope you like it and also join

Article Business Articles Jan 2013

Awaken Your Personal Brand

Doing business in Perth has changed in many ways. The changes are subtle yet significant. 2012 has seen many business owners finally accept Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Some actually went

Article Business Resources October 2011

Interview with 4 Perth leaders

Where do the leaders draw inspiration from? I was privileged to have met the 4 people in Perth who have done so much for the WA economy and have inspired

Article Tips

Top 5 Myth’s Buster’s about Insurance

Myth 1-You’re young and healthy. You don’t need insurance. Sadly, everyone is at risk of serious or fatal illness or injury, whatever his or her age. Myth 2-Insurance Solutions is