The Courage To Fly This Financial Year

Imagine fearlessly launching programs and reaching your dream clients with ease, doing business the way you love to do it, having freedom to live life your way, taking action and knowing exactly what you want and how to get it.

This is possible for your business if you have the courage to fully commit to the following four steps this new financial year. Show courage and watch your business fly.

- Lead Don’t Follow

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Leadership is about inspiring the people in your business and personal life to take a risk and try something new, to move in an unknown direction, to help them to accomplish more than they thought possible and to help them grow into someone they may otherwise not have become.

In return, you’ll have a team of loyal followers who will support you, advocate for you and help you build a business bigger than you thought possible.

Find the leadership courage to become the leader you are capable of being and lead those around you into a future filled with possibility. Every day presents you with opportunities to be a leader. Choose to lead without a title.

- Dream Bigger

You’ll never truly fly in your business unless you find the courage to create an exciting, grand vision for your business and personal life, that in equal parts scares and excites you. What can you do this financial year to propel you to success? Will you enter a new market? Launch a new product or service?  Take your business online or will you aim to double your revenue or profits?

Dare to create a vision that is far bigger than the one you’ve had until now. Connect with the people and things that inspire you most in life and dare to build your business and personal life as big as you can imagine it.

- Bold Action

Life rewards action. Step boldly from your comfort zone to make the changes and take the chances that  will propel you forward to fulfilling your full potential.

Swap excuses for commitment and become the person who is willing to do what it takes, to realise their grand vision. The greatest risk in life is to take no risk at all. Fear regret more than failure.

- Perseverance

Any goal worth pursuing will need a huge amount of determination and perseverance to succeed. Be determined to stay the course.

The greatest sense of achievement comes from the inner growth   required to overcome setbacks on the way to your goals instead of money or the end destination.

Alicia MenkveldAlicia Menkveld is an international, inspirational speaker and courage-builder who helps people and  companies to be more courageous.She’s an entrepreneur and co-authored a book called “In the Spirit of  Abundance” with world class leaders such as Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy. Join her FREE Program to  Build More Courage + Confidence: Keynotes and Training: Contact Alicia on  0425 177 897 or

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