Top 5 Myth’s Buster’s about Insurance

Myth 1-You’re young and healthy. You don’t need insurance.

Sadly, everyone is at risk of serious or fatal illness or injury, whatever his or her age.

Myth 2-Insurance Solutions is too expensive.

It’s a common misconception that insurance is expensive, whereas it is not having insurance that could cost you and your family everything. Most of our clients are surprised to learn life insurance is cheaper than they think.

Myth 3-You have adequate insurance in your super fund.

Most of our clients do not realise that they have limited amounts of insurance solutions in their superannuation. Even so, Australians remain severely underinsured.

We generally do not have enough insurance to cover our debts if something ever happened to render us unable to work.

Myth 4-Private Health insurance provides all the cover you need.

Private Health insurance is a great way to protect your family against medical expenses.

However, private health insurance, like insurance within superannuation, can also leave you with protection gaps and should be used complementary product to life cover,TPD, trauma and income protection insurance.

Myth 5-Centrelink will look after you

Australia’s welfare system can be a great   safety net. However, these payments are subject to asset and income tests.

Would this be enough to maintain your current lifestyle?

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